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Je suis journaliste, ancienne correspondante à Paris et actuellement basée à Amsterdam. Ces dernières années, je me suis spécialisée dans l’art et j’écris donc essentiellement – mais pas uniquement – sur ce qu’il y a de beau à voir aux Pays-Bas. Ou là où je me trouve. Ne nous limitons pas !

Rembrandt and me…
Musée Mauritshuis, La Haye, Pays-Bas; Cet autoportrait fait oartie de la Frick Collection
Museum Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands; This Self-portrait is part of The Frick Collection)

A journalist, former correspondent in Paris, and now in Amsterdam, I specialise these days in writing about art (and sometimes literature, or other cultural topics) . So I tell you in these artcles about the worthwile exhibitions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries – and, as it may happen, about quite different matters. Or different places. No limits!

Vous trouverez ici aiussi mes blogs publiés sur le site du « Monde », 2005 – 2019

You’ll find here also my blogs published on the website of « Le Monde », 2005-1019.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, can you let us know which sources you have for Er st Cahn? he is the great grandfather.of.my husband and we are looking for all we manage to.find,
    best Lena


    • Hi Lena, the story of Ernst Cahn en Alfred Kohn and their ice cream parlour is well documented. There is also a plaque where the former ice cream parlour was, it is one of the places where local commemorations are held. There is a bridge named after them. In 1987, as a reporter, I followed the trial of Klaus Barbie in Lyon, and discovered that he had, as it were, ‘learned the trade » in Amsterdam. So I did a lot of research, found inevitably the story of what happened in and around Koco, and wrote about it in the book I published at the time (in Dutch). Bur that’s a long time agoz and I don’t remember what particular sources I consulted concerning your husband’s great-grandfather. One source is the NIOD,the Dutch institute for research on war. Nowadays, you should be able to find a lot on the internet, too. Give me a few days, and I’ll look it up in my books. Best, Jacqueline


      • Hi, yes, you are right, We have found a lot. What I haven’t found till now are the documents of Klaus Barbie, speaking 1987 about Ernst. Do you know any of it? would be amazing…thank you so much, best Lena


      • Hi Lena, I don’t remember him speaking about Ernst. The trial only concerned his crimes in and around Lyon. I must reread my own book to see what I found in that respect. I have one or two other books that might help. Sorry, I was quite busy the past dags, but I should be able to have a look today or tomorrow. Where are you, in which country? Have you been in touch with the Niod? Best, J


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